The Pakistani Student Association in collaboration with The South Asia Program are proud to bring to the Cornell campus Fareed Ayaz and Brothers Qawwali Troupe on September 5th, 2015. The performance will take place in Alice Statler Auditorium and will begin at 8pm. This concert has been funded by the Cornell Council for the Arts, the Martin Hatch Fund, the South Asia Program, and CU Tonight.

Mohammed Hanif was born in Okara, Pakistan. A graduate of University of East Anglia's Creative Writing program, he has written plays for the stage and screen, including a critically acclaimed BBC drama and the feature film The Long Night. His first book A Case of Exploding Mangoes was published in 2008. His second book Our lady of Alice Bhatti. This lecture series is made possible by a gift from Cornell Professor Emeritus Narahari Umanath Prabhu and Mrs. Sumi Prabhu.  The event will take place on October 2, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. at the A.D.

Tamil Language Classes--Have research interests or interest in NGO work in India or Sri Lanka?  Communicate in Tamil with Relatives? Enroll for FALL 2015 | TAMIL 1221--Elementary Tamil I (MW2:10 p.m.-4:00 p.m.) | TAMIL 2201--Intermediate Tamil I  (TR 11:00 a.m.-12:50 p.m.) | For questions, contact Richard Feldman, 

Representing Conflict Through Visual Media: Sri Lanka & the Sri Lankan Diaspora in Photography & Film |  ASIAN 4431 | 2 Credits | Kannan Arnunasalam | This 2-credit short-course meets 2.5 hours per week during the first half of Fall Semester 2015, supported by the Cornell South Asia Program’s Tamil Studies Initiative.  Class meeting times are TBA. Class meetings will be scheduled to coordinate with participating students’ class schedules. There are no prerequisites and non-majors are welcome.

HINDI 2215 - Hindi Service Learning and Language Immersion course, Fall 2015, Instructor: Sujata Singh is a 3 credit short-term course offered in Ithaca and Varanasi, India.  It is for those with a strong interest in learning Hindi and a commitment to doing community service in India.

New Fall Urdu upper level course |  URDU 3325  Literary Reading and Writing in Advanced Urdu  | 17427 | 3 credits  N. Rizvi | Prerequisite: Intermediate Urdu or same level of written and oral proficiency. Intermediate Urdu Reading and Writing I is also available.