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Bina Pradhan


Bina Pradhan holds a Ph.D. in Population and Development (PDP) from Cornell University with a multidisciplinary background in rural sociology, economics, gender studies, anthropology and international development. She is an independent researcher, Socio-economist and Gender Specialist, affiliated to Federation of Business and Professional Women, Nepal (FBPWN), a non-profit organization working for gender equality and women's empowerment. As Adviser to the Federation, her work focuses on promotion of women in enterprise development and trade, post earthquake community reconstruction, and rebuilding people’s lives and livelihood with sustainability. She also serves in the Executive Board of SEN (Sustainable Energy Nepal), a private organization committed to promotion of alternative energy for sustainable development.  As independent researcher , she is currently pursuing research on gender and macroeconomics and gender accounting for women’s care work and their contributions to the economy, proactively promoting reproductive health and rights of women, and post conflict and post earthquake transformation for gender and social equality and women’s economic empowerment. 

            In 1983 Pradhan established the first women NGO in Nepal, Centre for Women and Development, and served as its first Executive Director.  In Nepal she has also served as Technical Adviser in the Social Development Sector, National Planning Commission (NPC)/GON for introducing Gender Management System (GMS) within Administrative System of the Government of Nepal, and been involved in preparation of the Three Year Interim Plan for post conflict reconstruction and rehabilitation of Nepalese economy.  In addition, Pradhan was FAO Regional Adviser on Gender and Socio-Cultural Operations Research to UNFPA/CST, where she was instrumental in providing technical support in country programme development and management, socio-cultural research, monitoring and evaluation, and capacity development in areas of gender, population and reproductive health in the countries of South, Central and West Asia. She was a Fulbright New Century Scholar at University of California, Berkeley and has written extensively on the subject of the status of women in Napal and women’s autonomy and reproductive health behavior.