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Anya Golovkova


Anna Golovkova completed her PhD in Asian Studies at Cornell in 2017 and was most recently an A. W. Mellon Fellow in Religion at Bowdoin College. She is a historian of religion working on tradition formation and intersections of religion and gender in Hindu Tantric traditions. Her forthcoming monograph, A Goddess for the Second Millennium, examines the early history (10th to 14th centuries CE) of worship of Tripurasundarī in a popular transregional tradition, now known as Śrīvidyā. In her new project, Śrīvidyā at the Crossroads, she examines later developments (15th to 18th centuries CE) to uncover the central role the worship of Rājarājeśvarī came to play in conferring and consolidating state power in the Deccan.