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Nepal and Himalayan Studies Committee


Anne M. Blackburn

Professor of South Asia and Buddhist Studies and Director of the South Asia Program

Affliations: Department of Asian Studies, Religious Studies Program, Southeast Asia Program, and South Asia Program. 

Geographic Research Area: Sri Lanka, India, Burma, and Thailand.

Teaching/Research Interests: Buddhist studies, religion and colonialism, and Indian ocean networks.



Bronwen Bledsoe

South Asia Curator and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Asian Studies

Affliations: Carl A. Kroch Library, Department of Asian Studies, and South Asia Program

Geographic Research Area: Nepal.

Teaching/Research Interests: History and texts of transregional South Asia, esp. social, religious, political and urban history of the Newar people of the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal.


Larry Douglas Brown

Sidney Kaufman Professor in Geophysics

Affiliations: Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, College of Engineering, and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences



Allen R. Carlson

Associate Professor of Government

Affliations: Department of Government, Department of Asian Studies, China Asia Pacific Studies Program, Comparative Muslim Societies Program, and East Asia Program


Kristen Grace

Associate Director of Cornell Abroad

Affiliations: Cornell Abroad


Karim-Aly Kassam

International Professor of Environmental and Indigenous Studies

Affiliations: Department of Natural Resources, American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and South Asia Program


Neema Kudva

Associate Professor of City & Regional Planning

Affiliations: Department of City and Regional Planning, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, Visual Studies Program, Nilgiris Field Learning Center, Carl Becker House, and South Asia Program


Hirokazu Miyazaki

Professor of Anthropology, John S. Knight Professor of International Studies and Director of the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies

Affliations: Department of Anthropology, Department of Asian Studies, East Asia Program, and Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies


Paul Nadasdy

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Affliations: Department of Anthropology and Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future