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FLAS Fellows


Naadhira Ali

Degree : Master’s International Agriculture and Rural Development

Language: Hindi

Research Interests: Traditional Cropping Systems and Underutilized Crop in Semi -Arid West Africa and South India


Anya Gedrath-Smith

Degree: Master of Regional Planning

Language: Nepali

Research Interests: Land Use and Environmental Planning, with a focus on sustainable community development and food systems.


Raashid Goyal

Degree: PhD, Near Eastern Studies

Language: Persian

Research Interests: Formation of Islamic legal thought and dogma, Islamicate literature


Austin Lord

Degree: PhD, Anthropology

Language: Nepali

Research Interests: Energy, Disaster, Infrastructures, Risk, Vulnerability, Finance, Anticipation


Lavanya Nott

Degree: Master of Arts in Asian Studies

Language: Bengali

Research Interests: Intellectual history and social movements in modern South Asia


Kelsey Utne

Degree: PhD, History

Language: Hindi

Research Interests: Commemoration and public history in Modern South Asia