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Undergraduate Studies

Minor in South Asian Studies


A candidate for the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree at Cornell University may achieve a Minor in South Asia Studies by completing at least 18 units of course work [typically five courses] in South Asia Studies.

Admission to the minor must be declared no later than the second semester of the junior year; after the start of the seventh semester will be by petition only. Students should prepare a coherent research statement to attach to the application.

Students minoring in South Asia Studies are considered members of the South Asia Program and will have an advisor from the program faculty. This advisor will supervise a student's minor and does not substitute for a student's career advisor.


The South Asia Minor provides undergraduates with a formal link to the South Asia Program, giving them the means to devise a course of study of more modest scope than that needed for a major. Working with an advisor from the program, students assemble a balanced set of South Asia courses that is suited to their interests.


The basic requirement for the concentration is 18 units in applicable South Asia area courses.

Although no language study is required, it is highly recommended.

Please note that only six credits of language may be used towards a South Asia concentration.


There are a number of courses on South Asia offered at Cornell that may be taken in fulfillment of the minor.

Of these, non-language courses should be selected at the 2200-level or above.

Two courses in a South Asian language at the 1100-level or above may be counted towards the minor. Language study is strongly encouraged.

Up to 8 credits may be awarded for approved courses taken through Cornell Abroad in South Asia, in consultation with the DUS.  Such courses may include summer study.

Appropriate South Asia graduate course work may be included in the minor with consent of the instructor and the advisor.

One South Asia-related course with a research paper on a South Asia subject may be included with the consent of the advisor and the director of undergraduate studies.

A minimum grade of B must be received for all courses counted towards the minor. S/U courses are ineligible.

How to Apply

  • Obtain a "Minor in South Asia Studies" application from the Asian Studies Office, 350 Rockefeller Hall.
  • Select and obtain the agreement of a faculty member who is willing to serve as the minor advisor. Have your intended advisor sign the minor application form.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Asian Studies. Take the completed form to the appointment along with a copy of your current Cornell transcript. The informal transcript you regularly receive is acceptable.
  • Return the approved form to the Asian Studies Department Office, 350 Rockefeller Hall.