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Working in Partnership: Narratives from the Nilgiris Field Learning Center (NFLC)

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Panel Discussion, Friday, November 6th, 3:00p.m., G-08 Uris Hall -- A collaboration between Cornell University and the Keystone Foundation, India. Focusing on partnerships, what has worked, what did not and why, this will cover the dimensions, challenges and promises of various forms of partnerships the NFLC explores through its participatory and engaged learning model.

Speakers include:
Anita Varghese and Archana Sivaramakrishan, Keystone Foundation
Neema Kudva, NFLC and Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning and Director of the International Studies in Planning Program
Steven Wolf, NFLC and Associate Professor of Natural Resources
Rebecca Stoltzfus, NFLC and Professor in the Division of Nutritional Sciences and Director of the Program in International Nutrition
Andrew Willford, NFLC and Associate Professor of Anthropology
Students from the Spring NFLC semester