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Subaltern Speak: An Indian Soldier's 'Travelogue' of China, 1900-1901

anand yang

Monday, September 12 at 12:15p.m. in Uris Hall, G-08

Anand Yang of the University of Washington will offer a close reading of Gadadhar Singh's 1902 Hindi account of his thirteen months in China as a member of the British Indian force that was part of an eight-nations International Expedition mobilized to lift the siege of the Foreign Legations in Beijing.  It examines his text to highlight his extraordinary "inter-Asian" perspective on a China seemingly on the verge of foreign takeover and his role as a subaltern in a colonial army ostensibly on a civilizing mission in a “barbaric" land.  Singh's story of China is also about India and the ties that bound the two countries and civilizations together. His presentation is co-sponsored by the Department of History.