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The South Asia Program supports student and faculty research and teaching by organizing lectures and conferences, as well as films, concerts and other artistic productions related to South Asia.

SAP's funding resources include the Title VI/FLAS Fellowships for the study of South Asian languages (The FLAS Fellowship application deadline is noon on Wednesday February 9

The application form for these grants is available through the Einaudi Center.

Student Funding Opportunities:

Faculty Funding Opportunities: 

  • Faculty Research and Curriculum Development Grants

    SAP Faculty Research and Curriculum Development Grants Three types of International Faculty Research and Curriculum Development Grants, of up to $2,000 each, are available to SAP faculty members in all colleges and departments to encourage faculty participation in international learning. Applicants must indicate which of the three types of grant is being sought.

    1. Seed Grants to support faculty leveraging external funding for larger research projects

    2. Research Grants to support faculty publications requiring overseas research

    3. Curriculum Development Grants to support faculty to further internationalize Cornell curricula in language and non-language areas.

  • Faculty International Learning Grant

    International Learning Grants, of up to $2,000 each, are available to South Asia Program faculty members from all colleges and departments to underwrite travel to South Asia to teach in, or engage in at least two weeks of administrative work (in one semester) for a study abroad or overseas engaged learning program. The initiative is intended to help sustain existing faculty involvement with international learning and to help recruit new faculty participation

South Asia Program Co-sponsorship of Campus Activities

SAP provides co-sponsorship funding to student organizations and Cornell departments planning academic events that support SAP’s mission of promoting knowledge and awareness of South Asia. SAP will not co-sponsor events that are primarily political or social activities. Please send requests to the SAP Program Manager at: