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FLAS Fellows


Kaitlin Emmanuel

Degree: PhD, History of Art

Language: Sinhala

Research Interests: Emergence of modernism in Sri Lanka and its legacy on contemporary artistic production


Palina Gurung

Degree: MPA, Cornell Institute of Public Affairs

Language: Hindi

Research Interests: The role of youth and women in development, particularly Nepal and India, and the effects of humanitarian crisis  


Lavanya Nott

Degree: Master of Arts in Asian Studies

Language: Bengali

Research Interests: Class, caste, and aspiration in urban India, education, globalisation, and transnationalism


Noah Schumer

Degree: MRP, City and Regional Planning

Language: Urdu

Research Interests: Land Use Planning, notions of Urban Informality in the Global South and the deindustrialized Global North, and Urban History, with a focus on the 20th century growth of New Delhi