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Annual Bulletins

South Asia Program Bulletin
SAP Bulletin 2018

The South Asia Program Bulletin is published annually.  The bulletins on this page are downloadable or viewable in PDF format.

The 2018 Bulletin features a new design, and many original articles, on Mizo identity in Northeast India, Education in Sri Lanka, the First Lahore Biennale, Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh, President Pollack’s visit to India, and several conferences. In addition, the bulletin highlights South Asian Studies Fellows, previews upcoming events, lists selected faculty publications (with links to each one), recognizes our visiting scholars, and reviews SAP news, events and outreach activities of the past year.

South Asia Program is thrilled to announce that the 2018 SAP Bulletin is now available online and in print, at the SAP offices in 170 Uris Hall, or at any upcoming SAP events.